Duckie at Brighton Pride

Duckie at Brighton Pride next Saturday has been cancelled.

We are really sorry to bring you this dreadful news.

Everyone was looking forward to it.

All ticket holders have been refunded direct to the card that they paid with.  Please check your accounts, any probs email


The venue (King Alfred's Ballroom) yesterday pulled the plug after they recieved a warning from Brighton & Hove Police. The local old bill have decided they don't want any Brighton Pride party type events to happen outside of the town centre. There is a massive street party in town attractting tens of thousands of extra (very drunk) revellers that the police have to manage. As a result, for the first year ever, they have issued a blanket ban on any dos outside of the central area. They are concerned about 400 punters leaving the venue at 2am, with cabs being a bit thin on the ground and any potential disturbance they might cause on their way home. Duckie didn't predict the polices actions, and neither did the venue; in retrospect perhaps we should have done and spoken to the police months ago, in our early planning. But we didn't, we just booked the venue in good faith like we always do. It's a very provincial issue; as London club runners we haven't come across this sort of heavy handed, fearfull and over managing of gays and lesbos walking the streets late at night. Duckie have decided not to appeal the issue with the police or the venue as we don't think we would win the battle. Swapping to a different venue is not an option, as there is nowhere suitable and avaialble. We are hugely disappointed. And it's a learning curve for us.


In our 24 years Duckie have only cancelled a handful of events, and it's always shameful to do it.

We are so sorry to let you guys down.

We'll be back!

King Alfred Lesuire Centre
Kingsway, Hove, East Sussex BN3 2WW

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