Gay Shame 2019

Saturday 6 July, 9pm – 4am

Royal Vauxhall Tavern & the Railway Arch, London, SE11

On Gay Pride night, Duckie lure you to a tawdry railway arch in Vauxhall to flog a dead horse

Ever got the feeling you’ve been conned?

With Amy Lamé, Readers Wifes, Mouse, Travis Alabanza, Horrora Shebang, Father Cloth, The Young Once, 17 Fucking Students and 25 Desperate Lost Dancers

Choreography by H Plewis & Lea Anderson

Forget your History

Do as you are Told

We are Lost

Tickets £15 on the door only

No advance sales

For ambitionless chain-smokers, despondent dykes, gay forty-somethings in shorts, kweer casualties, perverts on sick leave, fans of old drag, wage slaves with spare change and regrettable ravers who can’t resist revelling in a railway arch

This event is dedicated to Zsarday aka Skinny Bitch


Medication available at the bar

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What the press say about Gay Shame:

‘Unpromising’, Boyz
‘Quite Bleak’, ID/Vice


Duckie are seeking applications for the following freelance roles. All four positions – two relics and two modernes - are to be public exhibitions in a smelly railway arch in Vauxhall on Saturday 6 July. Each contract is for 3 hours and payment is £27 per hour, plus benefits.

Old Queen
Past it 60-something gay man required. Must be out of step with current queer culture and feel alienated, and be committed to HiNRG, poppers, the opera and Reg Fong. The role involves a reasonable amount of tutting and hopelessness, must be able to crochet. Costume: 1980s Market Tavern butch drag.

Butch Dyke
Original vintage lezza needed, aged 45+. A fear of trans guys and non-binary masculine of centre people is essential. A visceral memory of Section 28 and AIDS care would be helpful and a commitment to staying in these days is desirable. This role involves stroking a cat. Must provide own cat. Costume: Quiff, double denim and cat hair

Intersectional Obsessive
Young university educated muppet with pink or blue hair needed, with a commitment to social justice. Needs to be confident that they are always right and have extensive social media bullying skills. Would suit a Stalinist from a wealthy background. The role includes no platforming on a platform. Must provide own laptop. Costume: ethically sourced trustafarian chic

Dick Addict
All night Grindr user required with a sincere commitment to Tina and extensive experience of apps. The ability to stay up for 3 days in a row and shag anyone would be preferable. You will be expected to wank for 3 hours, ideally with a soft cock. Please note an unhappy childhood is helpful for this role. Costume: underwear from Prowler and a rash on your privates

To apply contact simon@duckie.co.uk. Equity terms apply.


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