Gay Shame 2019

Saturday 6 July, 9pm – 4am

Royal Vauxhall Tavern & the Railway Arch, London, SE11

Licence Pending

On Gay Pride night, Duckie lure you to a tawdry railway arch in Vauxhall to flog a dead horse

After 24 thankless years of Gay Shame™, Duckie are forced to admit that their shtick is as broken and culturally redundant as it’s older sister Gay Pride. Driven by market forces, the desperate desire for a fast buck, zero community accountability and an unhealthy carnal interest in middle aged tubby blokes and old pop records, we are coming out of the closet to confess. We are Lost

Introducing Mouse, Travis Alabanza, Horrora Shebang, Screaming Toenail, The Young Once and 25 desperate lost dancers

Featuring rocky reminiscence rhythms from Readers Wifes with special guest Father Cloth and on-message performance propaganda conducted by Amy Lamé

With choreography by H Plewis and cultural styling by Marisa Carnesky

Ever got the feeling you’ve been conned?

London’s lost it, the left have lost it, lesbians are losing it and the likes of Troye Sivan never had it in the first place

Please forget your history, and do as you are told

Tickets £15. No concessions. No advance sales.  Pay on the door.

For ambitionless chain-smokers, despondent dykes, gay forty-somethings in shorts, kweer cultural casualties, perverts on sick leave, wage slaves with spare change and regrettable ravers who can’t resist reveling in a railway arch

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What the press say about Gay Shame:

‘Unpromising’, Boyz
‘Quite Bleak’, ID/Vice


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