The Queer Georgians


A Bent History Bachannal with Duckie

What was the London queer scene like 300 years ago?

Was it all blackmail, shame, silence and violence? Not really, just most of it.

From the Macaronis to the Molly Houses, the She-Husbands to the Subversive Spinsters, the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens to the early Old Bill, Duckie digs deeper and explores the benders and the gender offenders of the 18th century.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, infamous bent teeth-gnashing queer academic and archivist E-J Scott will lead a team of pioneering volunteers into the archives to see what they have been keeping from us all of these years.

Warning: This is not one of those nice BBC history projects with Lucy Wolsley about posh people and the Royals, this is Filth.

This project is suitable for recherché rubsters, bourgeois buggerantoes, legacy lesbos and all the old relics.  Plus a few perverts and feminists with nothing better to do.

You might think homo heritage started with Gay Lib or Oscar Wilde, but London's queer culture is as old as the city itself.

Roll up, Roll up.  Be a queer volunteer.  Give a few hours each month and uncover a right romantic rollocking romp.

Interested?  Email and join the history gang.

We will be running Queer History Clubs at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern on the following four evenings:

Wednesday 25 September

Wednesday 23 October

Wednesday 20 November

Wednesday 22 January

Each History Club will have a different double-barreled theme.  We will also take the History Clubs on the road to Hastings & Brighton & Ramsgate.

The project will culminate in a spectacular event at Bishopsgate Institute in November 2020. 

Don't you ever, Don't you ever, stop being handsome, showing me you're dandy.


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