Saturday 7 December

All Style No Substance + Mystical Femmes

Tonight Two Femme Double-Acts

Saturday 7 December

Mystical Femmes & All Style No Substance

Readers Wifes

Amy Lamé

Readers Daughter Dawn Right Nasty

Royal Vauxhall Tavern

9pm - 4am

£5 B4 10.30 / £8 After

Mystical Femmes will be showing off at Duckie over four very forgettable Saturday night "perfomances", and tonight is the first night.

They will be learning valuable life skills, for your pleasure, such as; accounting, baking and personal hygiene, under the watchful eye of Duckie.

Mystical Femmes are two confused aliens, trying to work out how to eat and repopulate their lesbian species. Made up of real life humans Katayoun Jalili + Tallulah Haddon. They are apparently the 'Ambassadors of the Femme Experience'

Audiences have said they are "quite good" and "sometimes entertaining"

Also tonight, Power and Vortex perform as All Style No Substance

For one night only, you are invited to join them on-stage to play pub classic of yesteryear, Darts 

Join them as they get political, calling on all those who never won a race in Sports Day, who were too queer to ever really fit in or pass as hetero, and who haven't really 'made it' yet, to join then on stage as they embrace the emptiness, the futility and the unproductiveness of Queer Failure

As Quentin Crisp said in the Naked Civil Servant 'if at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style' 

Come on stage as you are encouraged to practice your style, take aim, and join this radical duo in destroying toxic heteronormativity, one dart at a time 

Win minor prizes, and find out the big prize you could have won, as we celebrate all losers and misfits

'All Style No Substance' make Live Art performance that embraces failure, rejects hierarchies and looks good on the dance floor

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