Amy Lamé Co-Founder & Hostess

Amy Lamé is a chubby funster.  She never gets old and she tans easily, even in the winter. 

Readers Wifes DJs

Readers Wifes are the permanent Duckie DJs but they are not real women.

Campbell X Curator

Campbell X is the award winning filmmaker behind BlackmanVision who wrote and directed the indie feature film Stud Life. In collaboration with BlackOutLDN they are curating and producing a new event for Duckie called Family.

Jay Cloth Doorwhore

Part of the original gang of 6, this elusive masked-mensch has been working his looks on the door at Duckie weekly since 1995. In his non Duckie life, he likes to stick things to paper in galleries and call it art.

Ben Walters PhD Researcher

Ben Walters is brainy and wears glasses.  He is just starting a PhD with Queen Mary University on Duckie and the scene (2014 - 2018). He's a commentator and a writer and a curator and don't you think he looks a bit like Dicky?

Azara Meghie Choreographer & Associate Artist

Been working with Duckie since she was sweet 16, this bright 25 year old tears it up.

Cha Cha Cha

Natacha Poledica Stage Manager

Cha Cha Cha est le français, comprenez vous?

George Chakravarthi Associate Artist

From New Delhi to Woolwich, George has been making beautiful work for 20 odd years.  Let's face it - she's fucking gorgeous.

Lucille Power

Lucille Power Associate Artist

Some people say that Lucille Power is a little bit common. She likes birds, plates of sandwiches, fake penises and drag.  She has made tons of group works for Duckie going back donkeys and no-one else is allowed to have her.

Miss High Leg Kick

Miss High Leg Kick Associate Artist

She has the longest legs in the business.

Laura Hopkins Associate Designer

Laura has designed many of the Duckie shows - Lullaby, The Class Club, Gateways & Gross Indecency.  She is posh but still very nice.

Mark Whitelaw Theatre Director

Mark has devised and directed almost all of Duckie's big theatrical shows - C'est Duckie, The Class Club, Lullaby, Copyright Christmas, Readers Wifes Fan Club. There are no photos of him in existence so here is a pic from one of his shows Lullaby. 

Tim Brunsden Video Activist

A film maker and a community video activist, Tim makes all of the Duckie documentaries that hardly anyone watches on youtube.

Ursula Martinez Associate Artist

Ursula is first and foremost a Beast.  She travels all around the world taking her clothes off, but she always comes home to Duckie.

Simon Casson Producer

Duckie co-founder and producer.  He's from Hackney, he's got the Cockney Touch and he lives with his posh girlfriend Yin-Wai Wong. 

Dicky Eton Producer

Dicky runs Duckie with Simon. He sorts things. When he isn't with Duckie, he flies between Manchester and London and perms he hair in various upmarket salons.

Emmy Minton

Emmy Minton Fundraising & Development

Emmy lives in Hastings, has a little one called Rosie and raises the dosh for Duckie.

Father Cloth

Father Cloth Doorwhore

With Duckie since day one, Father Cloth is the debonair doorwhore, who has donned the suits and manned the doors for the past 19 years with his partner in crime Jay Cloth. 

Frances Cloth

Frances Cloth Doorwhore

Frances Cloth's quiff says it all: this butch means business. By the light of day you will find her in St Leonards on Sea doing shady deals shifting vintage gear, and on her night's off curled up on the sofa learning the ukelele.

Niall Weir

Niall Weir Vicar in Residence

The Rev'd Niall Weir runs the brilliant St Paul's Church in Hackney where The Posh Club is based alongside other stuff like Open Doors, North London Action for the Homeless and the Nightshelter.  He is a Father and a Jazz Man.  

Annie Bowden The Posh Club Co-ordinator

Annie looks after The Posh Club in Crawley where she serves up a luverly slice of victoria sponge.

Zed Gregory Graphic Designer

Zed Gregory is responsible for all of the Duckie brand - graphics, online and in print - they sure wield a mean felt tip.  They also have a massive motorbike, so watch out girls.

Holly Revell Photographer

Holly is the house photographer for Duckie.  Here she is pictured with Mouse.

Marisa Carnesky Associate Artist

Marisa Carnesky is a showwoman.  And a shaman. 

Bernd Fauler Production Manager

Bernd is a German.

Marty Langthorne Lighting Designer

Marty Langthorne makes the Duckie stages look pretty with lights.

Scottee Associate Artist

Scottee is a fat cunt who we often knock about with.

Suzie Hewlett Associate Artist

Sue Hewlett was a child star appearing on both The Paul Daniel's Magic show and Going Live (in the audience). 

Robin Whitmore Associate Artist

Robin has been working alongside Duckie for as long as anyone can remember.  He thinks with his fingers.  That's him on the right by the way.

H Plewis Associate Artist

H and some of her dollies have been in a lot of Duckie shows.

Tim Spooner Associate Artist

Everyone loves Tim Spooner.  He sometimes makes things for Duckie - sets, installations, mental shows.

Christopher Green Associate Artist

Do you remember Mike Yardwood?  He's basically like that.  
He does impressions of Ida Barr, Tina C, Edward Heath and Frank Spencer.

David Hoyle Ex-Associate Artist

We still miss him *sniffs, wipes tear*

Duckie Board


Duckie is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee governed by a board of directors. The board are Stephen Wrench (Chair), Aine Duffy, David Faulkner, Campbell X, Tim Whitehead and Michael Atavar.