Nancy Boy Revolution

Duckie at Latitude

Saturday 15 July 2017, 10.30pm - 3am


Calling all dissident dykes, political puff-tahs, bisexual bolsheviks and progressive trans-gressives - Rise Up and Revolt into Style.

After centuries of being under the cosh, this summer, the benders bash back, and there will be blood on the dancefloor.

Militant showbiz hosted by the left’s leading marxist-leninist-pantomimist Myra DuBois with radical-rockist-record-revolutionaries Readers Wifes.

Featuring verfremdungseffekt variety from trotskyist-trans-trouble-troika Travis Alabanza, pansy-propagandist TV-TV, stalinist-sausage-sympathiser Symoné, angry-apparatchiks The Frank Chickens and those über-militant-minxes Queerlective.

Dress code: Handbags & Hand Grenades.

Breeders beware.

Do you think homosexuals & lesbians are revolting?

You bet your sweet ass we are.

Saturday 15 July, 10.30pm - 3am, Cabaret Tent, Latitude Festival

Duckie are back, camping it up for their seventh (count them!) summer at Latitude - it’s a cabaret, it’s a disco demo, it’s a nine bob revolution.

Watch shows - protest to the beat. Then repeat, till 3am.

For tickets, go here.



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