Duckie’s Dirty Dystopia

Saturday 14 July, 10.30pm - 3am, Cabaret Tent, Latitude Festival

It’s a dive, it’s a decaying drama, it’s a degenerative disco, and it’s all gone to the dogs.


Welcome to the Suffolk Summer of 2018 where everyone’s a Zombie.

Duckie discovers it’s dark side of depraved display in this totalitarian tavern for zombies, perverts, villans and ne’er do wells.

Miscreant Mistress of Ceremonies Rhys’s Pieces introduces a line up of catotopic cabaret and tawdry talent from dirty Duckie darlings including The Frank Chickens, Pink Suits, James Morgan, Daniel Oliver, Urgent Icons & Mystical Femmes (aka Tallulah Haddon and Katayoun Jalili).

Between the stage shows and side shows get down on the dismal dirty dancefloor with dark beats from dee jay Kartel Brown.

The procession is led by Omar Phillips and the dirty banshees.

New performance, old Zombies and spooky dancing. Till 3am.

Apocalypse Now, anyone? Yes please.



Duckie have presented our verfremdungseffekt variety and pansy propaganda to the le jeaune bourgeoisie every Summer at Latitude for the past 8 years, don't you know.

They must be bored of us by now (see you this summer).

Expensive Tickets here



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