Southern Discomfort

Duckie in Hebden Bridge 2019

Saturday 27 July at The Trades Club,  9pm – 2am


Soft Southern Jessie’s and limp wristed Londoners invade Happy Valley Pride with a decadent discotheque platforming progressive performance and recherché rock’n’roll from the Beautiful South

Come and blag, drag and wag with a megalopolitan mix of urban benders and lesbo trenders, cockney wankers, authentic Northerners, trans tourist attractions and card carrying members of the metropolitan liberal elite

Stepping into Amy Lamé's kitten heels for the first time ever, bent bougie bo-ho Jonny Woo introduces short sharp swanky southern showbiz from city-centric Sapphic swingers The Mystic Femmes, arrivist ingénue Tallulah Haddon, stroppy subterranean starlet Katayoun Jalili, hedonistic hip hoofers G.O.A.T, London lesbo traiter Sue Frumin and Official Token Northerner Debs Gatenby

Sip Southern Discomfort. Mix a bit. Witness the stage turns and talent. Then get messy in the mosh pit as record players Readers Wifes mash up the moderne metrosexual musique

Presented by Happy Valley Pride with the Cloths on the door

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