Duckie present The Posh Club Xmas Pop Up

Thursday 14 December
Friday 15 December
Saturday 16 December
12noon - 3pm

Not got a ticket?

Just turn up on the door and we will fit you in

LCC Studio First Floor Above WH Smiths
Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre
London SE1 6TE
Elephant & Castle tube

Seasonal cabaret, classic afternoon tea and a classy festive soiree

Starring Black Elvis, soul sensation Alison David and circus spectacularist Jess Love

Tickets 5 English Pounds

For swanky senior citzens, elegant elders and glamorous golden girls

Produced by Duckie with London College of Communication, Creation Trust & United St Saviours Charity

The Posh Club is an event for swanky senior citizens, elegant elders & glamorous golden girls.  Over 60s + Guests.

It features classic high tea and fabulous entertainment and the strict dress code is very posh.

It runs every Tuesday in Crawley West Sussex, to book a table call 01293 451 056.

It runs every Wednesday in Hackney, to book a table call 07938 985 644. 

Tickets are £5 including all food, drink and entertainment.

It opens for 10 week runs in Brighton, Hastings and Elephant & Castle in early 2018. 

Cabaret sideshows include tap dancers, opera singers, comedians, london's finest flappers, acrobats, hula hoopers, black elvis, chinese elvis and white elvis, music hall starlets, soubrettes, ukelele bands, acapella troupes, impersonators and the finest ballet.




This year Duckie will undertake an Arts Council Funded Research Project in partnership with Queen Mary University of London to measure the impact of The Posh Club on older peoples’ health, engagement and wellbeing. We are running the programme in association with local Doctors surgeries in Hackney and Crawley.  The findings will will be disseminated among stakeholders who are engaged with issues of ageing and how to age well.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the Crowdfunder for The Posh Club in Crawley. We raised £6,364 from 204 backers.

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A big thanks to our brilliant volunteers who have given up their time to work on this project: Timberlina, Kali Chandrasegaram,  Bonnie Bennett, Barb Pitts, Enid Bacon, Beryl Hovell, Colin Sutton, Bridie Wyeth, Luke Rapson, Pauline Goodege, Anne Arnold, Caralyn Cratchley, Linda Green, Rhonda Drakeford, Minnie O'Hare, Phoebe Bull, Andrew McCabe, Kevin Wrench, Lucas Dunn-Smith, Rhys Hollis, Linda Dreyfus, Laura Cairnes, Cate, Chris O’Neil, Liz Hollis, Bastien Conan, David Hingley, Debbie Ginger, Danny Kingston, Neil Guiness, Caroline Kennedy, Max MacKay James, Gabrielle Beran, Walter Godsmore, Daniel Robin, Majorie Thompson, Ellie Steward, Fiona Clift, Lara Clifton, Vivien Harris, Paul, Jessica Brown, Jamie Roome, Harris, Dr B, Charlie Murphy, Brian Lobel, Julian West, Franny Gant, Victoire Binchet, Jean Nicholson aka Beanie, Sarah Wiz, Alison Wiz, Emily Wiz, Jamie Wildman, Katy Baird, Julia Bardsley, Deirdre O'Halloran, Kaysha Sinclair, Claudia Palazzo, Richard Howell, Nathan Evans, Anita Finch, Natacha Poledica, Mary Jones, Marc Mason, Deborah Salter, Angela Campbell, Anna Greco, Liam O'Hare, Alex Truby, Louise Gray, Martin Forrest, Andrea Mauger, Lucy Wake, Tom Whitney, Susan Billinge, Mark Wood, Ignacio Vasquez, Aaron Berry, Sylviane Decroliere, Asha Pond, Debbianne O'Donovan, Nadja Dias, Eleanor Dolan, Rachel Gammon, Sue Frumin, Michael Dalziel, Yvonne Wickham, Carolyn Atherton, Angela Cookson, Andrew Phillip, Tracey Smith, Helene Corr, Emma Linley, Holly France, James Muldoon, Andrew Franks, Colin Chester, Zack McGuinness, Kelly Green, Frank and Gloria Hull, Kira O'Reilly, Zed Gregory, Dawn Right Nasty, Roxy Carney, Rose Alexander, Leon Clowes, Denise O'Brien, Sue Frumin, Bernadette Russell, Stephen Wrench, Michael Atkinson, Shanti Freed, Elizabeth Lynch, Paul L. Martin, Christy McAleese, Mamoru Iriguchi, Stephen Nock, Gerry Hagemeyer, Glynn McDonald, Matthew May, Sylvia Smith, Dave Smith, Geoff Prior, Dorothy, Judy Pyne, Doris Jones, Chloe Alfred, Krishna Istha, Sean Wightman, Andrew Stewart, Iris Tzemari, Jennifer Milarski, Karl Taylor, Juggy Jones, Leanne Barratt, Tara Boland, Beth Gardner, Peter Robertshaw, Finn Love, Ziad Dajani, Angela Clerkin, James McFadzean, James Drysdale, Richard Kneller, Aaron Berry, Arkem, Lesley Greening Lassoff, Scarlott Lasoff, Zulfquar Ali, Jess White, Jess White, Lindsey Pugh Jojo Wright, Malini Stevenson, Kevin Wrench, Andrew Franks, Vanessa Gallagher, Daniel Vias, Empress Stah, Matt Brown, Kevin Brown, Wendy Haslam, Kayley O'Neill, Marcia Davis, Alan Powdrill, Adrian Brooks, Noel Cleary, James Ross, Federica Papa, Katie Gardner, Laura Shaffroth, Simon Elliott, Roy Filani, Ben Price, Stephanie Ware, Roxy Hayde, Lydia Dobson, Liselle Terret, India Barclay, Duong Nguyen, Marek Chomist, Katarzyna Babinska, Gabrielle Mair-Joseph, Blessing Atutie, Francis Amadu Jnr, Muhamed Badjie Jnr, Julija Volinska, Elena Queally, Lauren Desportes, Megan Bussey, Simao Boucherie Mendes, Charis Millk, Sonia Vilkele, Dale Williams, Clare Lowther, Chris T & Fisch.



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Read Peter Bazalgette, Chair of Arts Council England, writing in The Guardian about this kind of work

The Posh Club is funded by the Big Lottery Fund, Arts Council of England, Hackney Council, United St Saviour's Charity, Awards for All, Church Urban Fund, Sussex Community Foundation, West Sussex County Council, West Hackney Parochial Charity, Creation, Notting Hill Housing Trust, The William Reed Fund, Land Securities, Gatwick Airport Community Trust and the Courage-Dyer Recreational Trust through the Mayor of Crawley and Crawley Borough Council.

Photos by Caroline Furneaux, Peter Robertson, Holly Revell, Colin Baldwin & Lorna Milburn.



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